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Dirty or not so dirty windows…

The sun is out and you notice that your windows need a good clean after a long dark winter. However, have you got one particular window that you just can’t get clean? It still appears dirty and almost steamed up? We have customers with older double glazing units with this frustration and rather than it being dirty, the unit has actually “blown”.

What does this mean?

A “blown” window unit means that the seal has become compromised, and has broken. This has led to condensation building up and getting between the panes. It becomes visible because the sun “pulls” the moisture up.

Why has this happened?

This happens for many different reasons including a window unit that is in the path of the sunshine for a large part of the day and combined with a fault with the way that it has been manufactured or fitted, it results in a misted appearance.

How can this be fixed?

The only answer is to replace the sealed unit. The way that modern double glazing units are manufactured and fitted means that it is easy to replace them without causing any disruption to the framework or glass. Our service engineers encounter this issue a lot. We can arrange for them to visit your home and quote to replace the unit. Once the glass has been ordered then it is only a small job for them to come and fit the new unit. Just give us ring on 0117 9061180 or visit our showroom

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