A Guide To Arched Doors 

Arched doors are a fantastic option if you’re looking to add interest to your home. This is a style of door that always stands out from the crowd in rows of similar rectangular doors and can be incorporated into an existing arch or created from scratch. 

Exterior and interior arches are making a big comeback this year and our guide will show you how to add some semicircular style to your abode.

What are arched doors?

Arched doors have been a popular architectural characteristic since Roman times. Today, indoor and outdoor residential arches are a very prominent design feature. It’s easy to see why; they’re charming, attractive and help to soften the harsh angular lines of a room. 

What are the benefits of arched doors? 

Arched doors can bring attention to the height of your walls, make any area appear larger and also elevate your space to give it a completely new feel.

In a nutshell, arched doors can: 

  • Add interest and identity 
  • Add a softer shape to an otherwise square/rectangular structure 
  • Let in more light with a glazed option in the curve 

A brief history of arched doors

The humble arch may seem like a simple shape, but it has a very practical use when it comes to architecture. Arches can carry a greater load than a horizontal beam and have a more even weight distribution. In terms of construction, they are easier to build as they can be made up of smaller blocks and stones that are easier to be transported and manoeuvred. 

Arched doors are one of the oldest door styles and can be traced back to Roman times, where they were used throughout cities not just for doorways but in other structures. Arches had already proved popular with the more efficient distribution of weight being perfect for the design of bridges and aqueducts. 

During the Gothic period, arches were seen in medieval Europe with rounded exterior doors bringing grandeur to a room. Arched doors became increasingly popular at the front of large buildings to make a bold statement. 

The arched door was refined by the Tudors to meet an entirely new architectural style, with many houses of that period using the style as an entry door. 

Arched doorways continued to feature in late-nineteenth-century homes and had a strong revival in the 1980s and 1990s. These days, arches are becoming fashionable again with many people wanting something different for their homes to make their mark.

Types of arched doorways

Multiple options are available when it comes to arch-top doors for your home. 

There are three designs of arched doors:

Semi-circle – A precise semi-circle at the top.

Gothic arch – Very common in church doorways, this arch meets at the top with a point. 

Soft arch – This design starts off straight but then has a lower and less prominent arch. 

Whatever the size of your door and whichever type of curve you’re hankering after, there’s a customised product to fit the bill. When it comes to glazing, you can opt for panels on the top of the door or at the  side and there’s a range of colours to choose from to complement or contrast with your existing colour scheme. 

Will an arched doorway suit my home? 

The beauty of arched doors is that they add a hint of timeless glamour to buildings of any era. Thanks to advances in door technology, the range of styles, colours and finishes means you can pick a design to suit your home, whether that’s keeping it classic for period properties or incorporating uPVC and cheerful colours for new builds. 

Are arched doorways more expensive?

Designing and fitting an arched door involves more labour than a standard door, which does mean a slightly higher price. If you choose shaped glass, this will increase the price further. As with doors of any shape, there are extras to consider such as door handles and knockers, letterboxes and peepholes. 

How to arch a doorway 

We can manufacture and install a door into an arched door at CR Windows. Depending on your personal preference, the door can be opened inside or outwards. The same glazing, panels, and hardware options as our standard doors are available, or custom hardware can be designed to meet your specifications.

If you’re looking to add interest inside your property, then you could consider creating an arched doorway. This isn’t as daunting as it sounds – if you’re looking to take the DIY route then Wikihow has a great easy-to-follow guide. 

Arched door alternatives 

If a full arched door is too much but you like the idea of adding an arch or two into your home,  then you could always try an arched-shaped mirror, clock or wall art as an alternative. 

Arched Doors from CR Windows 

An arched door from CR Windows is unique and based on your individual requirements. Our team can advise you on the best option for your property, and we offer a 10-year guarantee on all products that we manufacture and install.

If you have any additional questions about arched doors, we’d love to help. Get in touch today to speak to our friendly team.

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