Environmental Policy

CR Windows recognise the need to reduce the amount of waste caused by replacement windows and doors going into landfill sites.

CR Windows holds an environmental licence to carry waste products and we recycle approximately 88% of our waste.

When we replace any existing PVC-u product with our windows and doors, the old products are recycled. We have a weekly collection from Avon Reclamation who transport the redundant frames to their depot where it is granulated into pellet from and reused in other manufacturing processes such as, plastic park benches, plastic billboards, signs and fence posts.

All ‘off cuts’ of the virgin profile we use within our factory are also collected by Avon Reclamation who also recycle this PVC-u and reuse it for other projects.

All of the glass we remove from old windows and doors is also recycled by ETM Waste Management Services and re-used in the making of tarmac. 

By recycling our waste PVC-u we are reducing our carbon footprint and helping towards protecting the environment as we are not filling up our local precious landfill site. 

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