A Guide To Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors have become a popular choice for those looking to open up their living space. By letting in extra light through large glass panes, installing bi-folding doors is an easy way to brighten up your room and add a modern twist to your property.  

Bi-folding doors open all the way across concertina style and stack neatly against the wall, making them a great choice for anyone looking to modernise their home. Here we answer some of your commonly asked questions about bi-fold doors.

Do bi-fold doors add value to my home?

Yes! It has been estimated that adding bi-folding doors to your property can add around 5-10% to its resale valuation. This is because bi-folds extend the size of your room by letting in extra light and removing the barrier between your home and garden.

When fully retracted, the doors create up to a 90% open space, which allows you to utilise your garden area on summer days and let fresh air into the room. On colder days, having bi-fold doors in your living area means you can enjoy the natural light without sacrificing warmth.

Having a connection between indoors and outdoors can add kerb appeal to your home, as the open space and sleekness of bi-folding doors adds a sense of luxury. All our doors come with a range of contemporary colours and styles so you can customise the doors to give your home the wow factor.

Adding double or triple-glazed doors to your property also gives extra value to your home and will make it more appealing to potential buyers. The thermal efficiency of double or triple glazing combined with its extra security makes it a key selling point.

Are bi-fold doors easy to break into? 

Bi-fold doors can be an incredibly secure option, despite what you may think.

Both our aluminium and UPVC doors have a comprehensive PAS 24 security certification due to their industry leading security features, which means they are highly secure. 

Our bi-folding doors also include stainless steel anti-jemmy pins in our door design, which means that intruders won’t be able to remove your door from the outside or get into your home. These pins are enclosed in the roller track for maximum security. 

Whether you’re looking to buy aluminium or UPVC doors, you can feel confident that your home will be protected. Our StudioGlaze aluminium doors are glazed from the inside using purpose designed gaskets, to get the best possible seal against the weather and add extra security.

Alternatively, our Aspect UPVC bi-folds were the first in the UK to achieve BBA certification and Secured By Design status. 

Are bi-fold doors energy efficient? 

Bi-folding doors can be extremely energy efficient as long as they are of a sufficient quality. The  thermal rating of bi-fold doors is measured in U-values, so the lower the U-value, the better the rating.

Our aluminium bi-fold doors have U-values as low as 1.6W/m²k for double glazing and 1.3 W/m²k for triple glazing, so they provide good insulation from the outside elements and keep your home warm.

UPVC bi-fold doors are another great option. They are first choice for sustainability, and have been recognised as an energy efficient, low maintenance option. 

Our bi-fold doors are manufactured by Eurocell, who are at the forefront of sustainable developments in the UPVC industry. Eurocell recycles over 2.4 million waste window frames per year to manufacture brand new windows and bi-fold doors.

UPVC doors offer a genuine sustainable option as they can be recycled up to 10 times; with their 35 year average life span, this means they can be re-used for around 350 years with minimal impact on the environment. 

Are bi-folding or sliding doors better? 

Bi-fold and sliding doors are both great choices for homeowners looking to add a modern look to their property and bring in some extra light. However, the different way the two doors operate may have you struggling to know which to choose. Here are some pros and cons to help you pick the best style for your home.

Bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors fold in against themselves in a concertina style and stack against the wall, which means they can be opened fully to create an open space. They bring a seamless connection between your home and the outdoors, but you will still need space to stack the doors, which may take up room in smaller homes.

They are a versatile option to spruce up a home as they come in a range of different setups; you may opt for a few large panels, or lots of skinnier panels depending on your personal taste. Their sleek modern look is an easy way to add wow factor to a property.

Despite arguments around the security of bi-fold doors, they are also an incredibly safe option as it is almost impossible to get underneath these doors from the outside. Modern bi-fold doors usually come with multi-point locking and in-line tracking systems which add an extra layer of security. 

The main con of bi-fold doors is that the multiple panels can obstruct views of your garden. Choosing panels with slimmer frames, or opting for fewer panels can be a good way to combat this.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors open by moving to the side and overlapping each other. They can be a great space saver, so work well in smaller homes.

One of the main benefits of sliding doors is that they offer more control. You can open them up slightly if you just want to let in some air, or all the way on warm summer days. They also take up the least amount of space compared to bi-fold doors, as they sit on top of one another when pulled back.

On the flip side, sliding doors don’t offer the same amount of space as bi-fold doors as they don’t retract all the way to the wall. Two-pane sliding doors will open 50% of the way, or 66% for three-pane doors. 

A main con of sliding doors is that there isn’t an option to have a traffic door to swing open, which can be convenient for quick access to the outside. 

Modern bi-fold and sliding doors can both offer good energy efficiency and security, as well as being a stylish option, so the decision between styles is largely down to your own personal taste.

How long are bi-fold doors guaranteed for? 

Bi-fold doors are designed to be durable and last many years. We offer a 10-year guarantee on all products manufactured and installed by us, so you can feel safe knowing your doors are built to last.

If you have any additional questions about this product, we’d love to help. Get in touch to speak to our team. 

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