Comparing Triple Glazing And Double Glazing: Which Performs Better?

While double glazing has become a common choice for homeowners seeking improved insulation and energy efficiency, we occasionally get customer requests for triple glazing. 

Wondering whether you need that third layer of glass? We’re here to dispel the misconceptions about the advantages of triple glazing and showcase the practical and cost-effective benefits of choosing double glazing, to help you determine the best type of glazing for your home.

What is Triple Glazing?

First, it’s time for a quick description. Triple glazing involves three panes of glass, typically separated by gas-filled spaces. The total thickness can vary, but it’s generally thicker than double glazing due to the extra layer.

5 Myths About Triple Glazing

Now, let’s closely examine some of the common myths surrounding the perceived advantages of triple glazing, to show you why double glazing is often the practical and effective choice for homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

Many think triple glazing is the energy efficiency champion, but that’s actually dependent on a range of factors.

The right double glazing, with a 6mm outside pane and 4mm inside, can be just as energy efficient as triple glazing. In many cases, double glazing is a budget-friendly and practical choice for great insulation, without needing an extra layer. It challenges the idea that more layers mean more energy efficiency.

Higher Cost Perception

Many people believe that if triple glazing is more expensive upfront, it must be better. However, this assumption overlooks the practical reasons behind the lower cost of double glazing. The simplicity of its design and the absence of an extra layer makes double glazing less complex to manufacture and install, resulting in lower production costs. 

This efficiency in production, coupled with the proven insulation benefits, means that double glazing can be just as efficient and cost-effective as triple glazing, making it a sensible choice for homeowners looking for optimal performance without breaking the bank.

Noise Reduction

People often praise triple glazing for its noise-cutting prowess, but reducing sound goes beyond having more layers. Double glazing, with its intelligent design and air gap strategy, not only quiets down external noise but does it with style. That extra pane in triple glazing doesn’t automatically make it the ultimate noise reduction solution. 

Increased Security

While the double layers of glass in double glazing may seem like the security superhero at first glance, there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. It’s not just about the layers; think of it as a full-on security package deal. The strong construction and advanced locking mechanisms in double glazing make it the ideal choice for keeping unwelcome visitors at bay. 

Even though triple glazing adds that extra layer with a third pane, double glazing brings its A-game with a reinforced design and proven security features, shaking up the notion that triple glazing automatically outshines double glazing in keeping your home safe and sound.

Enhanced Insulation

Everyone thinks triple glazing is the winner when it comes to insulation because of that extra pane, but it’s not that simple. The secret to insulation isn’t just in the layers; it’s also about the air gap between the panes. Well-designed double glazing, with a carefully sized air gap between panes, can offer great insulation. 

Interestingly, that extra pane in triple glazing might disrupt the air gap, reducing the insulation benefits. It goes against the idea that more layers always mean better insulation.

Other Factors to Consider Around Triple Glazing

Weight Concerns

Triple glazing is known for keeping your home extra cosy, but here’s the catch—it’s heavier. This added weight can make installation a bit tricky, needing stronger frames and more structural planning, which can bump up your installation costs. 

In contrast, double glazing gives you great insulation without the headache of dealing with extra weight. The sturdiness of double glazing not only makes it reliable but also keeps things budget-friendly for homeowners who want a smooth installation and long-lasting windows.

Choice Constraints

Triple glazing can be limited when it comes to materials and designs, and they might not fit with the style of your room or home. With lots of materials, designs and colours to choose from, double glazing blends into any aesthetic and lets you personalise your space. If you want windows that match your taste, double glazing is the practical pick.

In Conclusion

By dispelling these myths and providing guidance on your options, we hope we’ve given more of an insight into how triple glazing may not be necessary for your property. Although triple glazing sounds superior with an additional layer, choosing good quality double glazing such as our A-rated windows gives you the winning combination of performance, versatility and value for your home.

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