Creating A Stylish And Functional Outdoor Space With Patio Doors 

Whether you’re hosting a garden gathering, enjoying an alfresco morning cup of coffee or simply admiring the sunset from the comfort of your living room, patio doors enhance your outdoor living experience and create a stylish and functional space.

With sliding patio doors, you can effortlessly expand your living area, blurring the lines between inside and out. We take a look at some of our favourite options for creating a stylish and functional outdoor setting with patio doors.

What are Sliding Patio Doors?

Sliding patio doors are large glass panels fitted into frames that slide horizontally to open and close. They are typically installed as an entryway to a patio, balcony or outdoor living space, allowing easy access between the interior and exterior of your home. These doors often consist of two or more panels, with at least one panel sliding past the other to open. 

Five Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors

1. Contemporary Design
Sliding patio doors offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that can enhance the overall look of your home. With clean lines and expansive glass panels, they provide a modern touch that complements various architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary.

2. Maximising Natural Light
One of the standout features of sliding patio doors is their ability to maximise natural light. The large glass panels allow sunlight to flood into your home, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your interior but also helps reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, leading to potential energy savings.

3. Cohesive Connection Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Sliding patio doors seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor living areas, blurring the boundaries between them. This creates a fluid transition between the interior comfort of your home and the outdoor beauty of your patio or garden.

4. Ideal for Smaller Spaces
The sliding mechanism of patio doors eliminates the need for swing clearance, making them an excellent choice for smaller spaces where every inch counts. By sliding horizontally along a track, these doors save valuable floor space that would otherwise be required for a swinging door. This space-saving feature allows you to maximise the functionality of your indoor living area without compromising on style or convenience.

5. Available in a Choice of Designs
Sliding patio doors are available in a variety of designs, so you can achieve the perfect look for your home. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or a more traditional look, there’s a sliding patio door style to match your taste and preferences.

Popular Design Choices

White Delight 

White frames offer a versatile and timeless choice for matching a white interior, providing a neutral palette that keeps the space chic and sophisticated.

In smaller spaces, white frames have the added advantage of creating an illusion of openness and airiness, making the room appear more expansive. Additionally, white frames blend seamlessly with any decor, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look without overwhelming the area. The clean and minimalist aesthetic maximises the perception of space, making them an excellent choice for smaller rooms or compact living areas.

By seamlessly blending with the surroundings, white frames act as a blank canvas, allowing other design elements and highlights to take centre stage. Whether you’re showcasing vibrant artwork, lush greenery or striking architectural features, white frames provide the perfect backdrop to let these accents shine through, adding depth and character.

Glorious Grey

In the past decade, grey has emerged as a leading interior design choice, and this trend has expanded to exteriors, with this neutral yet versatile hue topping Dulux’s 2022 Great British Exterior Trends Report.

Grey sliding patio doors offer a refined and contemporary look that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any home, providing a striking contrast against both light and dark exteriors. The subtle yet stylish tone of grey harmonises with various interior styles, from minimalist to industrial, offering a sophisticated option for homes of all sizes.

For smaller spaces, grey frames provide a sleek and versatile solution. The neutral tone of grey has the remarkable ability to visually expand a room, creating a sense of openness and airiness. This makes it an excellent choice for maximising the visual appeal of compact areas, as it seamlessly blends with any decor scheme while imparting a modern touch. 

Wow with Wood Effect 

Wood effect sliding patio doors provide a timeless and natural look, infusing warmth and charm into any living space. These doors replicate the appearance and texture of real wood while offering the durability and low maintenance of modern materials.

Featuring authentic grain patterns and natural hues, these doors introduce texture to your home’s exterior, elevating its overall visual appeal.

The warm and inviting appearance of wood adds a sense of cosiness to any room, making smaller spaces feel more comfortable and inviting. Additionally, the texture and grain patterns of wood effect frames help to visually expand the space, creating a sense of depth and dimension.

Our selection of wood effect sliding patio doors encompasses three captivating options, each with its own distinctive character.

Golden oak
Classic elegance with warm tones and rich grain patterns, reminiscent of traditional wooden doors found in rustic cottages and country homes.

Irish oak
A lighter and more contemporary aesthetic, with subtle grain details that complement a wide range of architectural styles.

For a sense of luxury and sophistication, with deep, rich hues that create a striking visual impact and elevate the overall aesthetic of your home’s exterior.

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Our patio doors are available in various colours and in 2, 3 or 4-pane doors with or without side windows to give you a tailored solution to suit your property’s size and style. Plus, our patio doors have standard security features such as hook locking and anti-lift devices for added safety. 

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