Records Management and Retention and Disposal Policy 

CR Windows is committed to the efficient management of our records for purpose of effective delivery of services, to document our principle activities and to maintain adequate controls.

The benefits of effective records management are:

The principles outlined in this policy have been developed to provide a consistent approach to managing records throughout their lifecycle regardless of the format. This policy also applies to records that third parties manage on behalf of CR Windows.

The policy has been designed to meet the legal requirements for the retention and disposal of records in accordance with Data Protection legislation. 

Roles and Responsibilities

CR Windows is accountable for;

CR Windows registers all applicable installations; confirming goods supplied and fitted by us have been installed correctly by an approved company

In accordance with this policy, staff are responsible for managing, storing and disposing of the information they create and receive as part of their normal daily business activities.

Records and information management policy

A record can be defined as information received, created, and maintained by CR Windows, in accordance with transactions of the business and to meet legal obligation.

Information created by staff on behalf of CR Windows belongs to CR Windows and must be reviewed and disposed of routinely and in accordance with line of business retention and disposal schedules.

CR Windows is the designated owner of all systems and records throughout their lifecycle. 

Records and information must be stored and handled sensitively and in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

Records are stored in conditions that protect them from deterioration.

Retention and disposal policy

Information held for longer than is necessary carries additional risk and cost. Records and information should only be retained for legitimate business use. Under the Data Protection legislation personal data processed by CR Windows must not be retained for longer than is necessary.

The default standard retention period for CR Windows records is 5 years for Supply only Contracts and 10 years for Supply & Fit Contracts. Destruction is carried out within 6 months of any Contract Order with an expired warranty (this includes the contract order, survey and invoice, associated processing from suppliers, feedback and after sales care.

Records must only be retained beyond the default CR Windows retention period if retention can be justified for historic information and consent has been received from the customer. The disposal periods for records retained for extended duration must be included within business retention schedules.

The maximum retention period for CR Windows records identified as having historic information name, address, contact number and order number only is defined as indefinite, this assists previous customers who contact us and require additional works not covered by warranty. Should you wish to delete your Personal Data email or in writing data will be removed within 10 working days. 

CR Windows is responsible for maintaining and publishing record retention and disposal schedules (as noted herein).

Records must be securely destroyed. Processes must be in place to ensure that all backups and copies are included in the destruction of records.

Audit and compliance

CR Windows is responsible for auditing all internal processes, raising Non Conformity Repots (NCR’s) for non- compliance any breach is reported to the Information Commissioner

CR Windows must audit and monitor the secure disposal of their own records as well as those of any third parties that share or produce records on their behalf. CR Windows are responsible for maintaining an audit trail of their review, destruction and disposal decisions.

Updated 21/06/22

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